Airless Graco

Airless equipment and accessories for professionals since 1926.

In this section you will find all the information and Graco airless products on sale at Airless Discounter.

They are organised according to the following 3 categories:

Airless Graco – the sprayers

Graco ST Max: lightweight and compact airless pumps

The ST Max series are mid-range pumps for professional painters.

Thanks to their increased performance and advanced technology, the Graco ST Max 395, ST Max II 495 and ST Max II 595 PC Pro Hi Boy pumps will allow you to carry out all your small to medium sized projects.

These units are designed to spray paint on a variety of materials such as primers, stains, acrylics, enamels and latex.

They are delivered in their original packaging and come with a flexible hose, a Graco gun and a nozzle.

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Graco Mark: powerful electric pumps

Thanks to their electric motor, the Mark series pumps have a maximum working pressure of 230 bar and are designed for professionals who need a powerful and robust device. They are ideal for spraying dispersion materials (walls and façades), fireproof materials, roofing and plastering.

At Airless Discounter you can buy 3 airless pumps from this series:

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Graco Ultra Max: Reference pumps for professionals

The Ultra Max series has been specifically designed for spraying projects in residential, commercial and industrial construction.

Professionals use it for spraying varnishes, primers, acrylics, enamels and latex. Thanks to the Advantage Drive system, the pumps are quiet and have an exceptional life span.

Here are the models on sale in our shop:

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Graco GX: pumps for semi-professional use

The Graco GX21 and Graco GX FF pumps are designed for private individuals.

They are for users who wish to carry out semi-professional or occasional professional applications.

Those 2 pumps are light, easy to transport and less expensive than other Graco airless pumps.

For regular professional use, however, prefer the models mentioned above.

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Airless Discounter only sells quality Graco airless equipment for professional use.

Airless Graco – Accessories

Airless guns

At Airless Discounter you will find the following Graco airless guns:

  • The Graco Contractor PC airless spray gun is a must for airless painting and can be used with stains, acrylics and latex for all kinds of applications.
  • The Graco Blue Texspray gun is perfect for spraying heavy materials such as coatings.
  • The Graco JetRoller can be used with a standard airless spray gun for effortless paint application.
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Airless Tips

Graco airless tips are classic reversible nozzles that can be used up to a maximum pressure of 500 bar.

Graco XHD, RAC V, RAC V LineLazer & RAC X nozzles are available on Airless Discounter.

Our spray tip table will help you choose the right Graco nozzle size.

As an alternative to Graco airless nozzles, you will find on our website the FARBMAX nozzles: equivalent quality at half the price!

View the Airless Spray Tips

Graco nozzle holders

Graco RAC V, RAC X and HXD nozzle holders have a thread ⅞.

Remember to check the connection size of your airless gun as you will need this information when purchasing a nozzle holder.

Good tip: FARBMAX nozzle holders are perfectly compatible with Graco nozzles for half the price. See our alternative nozzle holder to Graco.

View the Spray Tip Holders

Gaskets for nozzles

In this category you will find different sets of 5 original gaskets for your Graco equipment.

Below are the seals compatible with Graco RAC V guns at discount prices:

Original airless nozzle gaskets for the manufacturer Graco can be found by clicking on the green button below.

Graco gaskets


We offer original filters as well as Graco compatible filters to cover all the needs of your airless device:

Not sure which filter to choose?

Do not hesitate to contact us directly by email on or consult the Airless Discounter Youtube channel to find out how to choose your filters.

Airless filters


We offer a wide range of airless extensions compatible with Graco airless guns.

They measure between 25 and 180 cm in length and will allow you to reach hard-to-reach nooks and crannies such as those in high ceilings more easily.

For even more manoeuvrability, rotary joints and spear joints are available on our site.

Our FARBMAX complete sets contain everything you need for your projects and are very affordable.


Adapters & Fittings

In the following sections you will find all the high-pressure hose adapters of all sizes and types that are compatible with your Graco airless units.

For example, if you have a Graco Contractor gun with a 1/4″ male connection that you wish to connect to a 3/8″ hose, then you will need to use a 1/4″ female and 3/8″ male adapter.

All couplings & adapters


High pressure hoses allow the airless pump to be connected to the gun.

Before buying a hose, remember to check the type of connections between your gun and pump.

Different connection adapters are also available on our website.

Airless Hoses

Graco hopper

Graco’s hopper systems allow large volumes of material to be mixed and are ideal for plasters.

If you want to work with powerful airless equipment, the Graco Texture Hopper will allow you to mix up to 90 litres of material.

You’ll get the job done more efficiently without having to stop and change buckets or fill them all the time.

Graco Hopper 90L

Spare parts airless Graco

Find your Graco airless spare part in 3 steps:

When purchasing Graco spare parts, you will need the product number of the desired part. Please use our installation drawings for Graco airless units.

From the more than 6,000 spare parts on our website, you are sure to find the right one for your airless and aircoat equipment.

To help you in your search, please visit our “Graco explosion drawings” page and follow the instructions on the right hand side of this text to easily purchase your spare part.

1. Choose the explosion drawing for your Graco pump
2. Write down the reference number of your piece
3. Find your spare part in our online shop

Graco explosion drawings

Graco: worldwide manufacturer of airless equipment for professionals

Who is Graco ?

Graco has been active in the fluid components and systems market since 1926.

The company has a presence in over 100 countries around the world and has more than 3,300 distributors.

Over the years, Graco has become a reference in airless spraying for professionals thanks to its powerful and robust pumps such as the Graco ST Max, Graco FinishPro and Graco UltraMax.

Specialist in airless machines