# Spray Gun Malfunctioning

Airless spray gun malfunctioning is quite a pain and there can be several reasons for this.

In this article we will go through the most common causes of malfunctioning and damages to airless guns and we will offer suggestions for how to tackle these issues.

Issue no. 1 – the release mechanism is clogged or worn out

In the picture below you see marked in red the area with the parts contained in the standard repair kit, the locking mechanism.

This can get clogged or wear out over time. If material remains there, the functioning of the gun can be altered and the gun can no longer close properly. Hence it won’t spray right.

Under normal operation, the gun will start spraying as soon as the trigger is actioned. Conversely, when you let it go, the spraying should stop immediately. But when the seals are clogged or worn out, this mechanism starts working less than ideally.

It happens that when you release the trigger, there still will be some material coming out of the gun. In this case, the gun must be cleaned, repaired or replaced.

Issue no. 2 – clogged filters

In the handle of an the gun there is (almost) always a filter. This filter is used to leave out impurities in the paint and prevent clogging of the nozzle.

If this gun filter is not regularly cleaned or replaced, it can get clogged and block the entire paint ways. In the most extreme case, the filter is so heavily covered with material that no paint comes through.

If no material is being pumped through the gun, check the gun filter and clean it or replace it.

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NB when you spray plaster, you don’t put a filter in your gun!

Issue no. 3 – the nozzle seal is missing or damaged

We have heard many many times from our clients that all of a sudden their gun started to drip paint from the mouth of the gun.

This is usually not because a damage to the gun, but rather a problem with the seals between the gun, the tip guard and the tip. There are 2 seals put together, one is a crescent-shaped and metallic and the other one is round and made of plastic.

If these seals are missing, incorrectly inserted or damaged, the paint and the nozzle holder may leak from the side. Here in the video we show how to assemble tip seals on a Graco spray gun correctly.


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NB The seals are often lost when cleaning the gun. Therefore, pay attention to the seals during cleaning and it is best to store replacement seals.

Issue no. 4 – worn out or clogged nozzles contributes to spray gun malfunctioning

Worn or clogged nozzles can also prevent the gun from functioning properly. Dirt or dried paint residues can clog the nozzle.

Already clogged airless nozzles can be cleaned with special needles. Containers for storage and preservation of airless tips prevent the sticking and drying of paint and paint residues in the tip (Wagner TipClean and FARBMAX tip cleaner).

Learn more about Airless Spray Tips in our ultimate guide here (article)

Worn out nozzles should be replaced in time. A worn out nozzle will make the spray pattern and paint distribution uneven and this will result into a high consumption of paint and an increased mechanical stress on all the components of the gun and the pump. In addition, a worn out spray tip leads to increased overspray.

You’d rather spend your money on a new nozzle than on all the unnecessarily wasted paint. It is difficult to say exactly after how much time you will need to replace the spray tip, because this depends on various factors (eg viscosity of the material, pressure settings, proper maintenance, etc etc), but one thing is sure, you will notice when you will need to change it. Just pay always attention to the spray pattern.

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With the tips and suggestions above your spray gun malfunctioning will be a thing of the past. If you need spare or replacement parts, keep reading.

Where can you find spare parts for the Airless spray guns?

On our webpage we have a comprehensive section with all the construction drawings of all the most common Airless spray guns by Wagner as well as by Graco, like for example:

  • Wagner AG08
  • Wagner AG09
  • Wagner AG14
  • Wagner AG19
  • Wagner G-10-1
  • Wagner G12
  • Wagner G15
  • Wagner Vector Pro
  • Wagner Vector Grip
  • Wagner Infinity
  • Graco Contractor
  • Graco G40
  • And many other models

You can find all the construction drawings of Wagner guns (and pumps too) here. We have an analoguous page for Graco spray guns (and pumps too): just look for the section “spray guns” on the page.

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