The Graco Edge II Plus spray gun comes standard with the HVLP ProContractor models FinishPro HVLP 7.0 and FinishPro HVLP 9.5

The closed air-tight system and the extremely flexible hose whip allows you to movely the gun freely and efficiently. Spray gun settings allow you to customize the spray fan pattern by choosing the ratio of air to material and modifying the spray fan itself. You can choose to spray a narrow or wide fan, with either a longer- or rounded finish.

Graco Edge II Plus gun features

Two settings for adjusting air/material flow

Greater customization with two dials: one for air pressure and one for material volume.

FlexLiner Bag System

A closed system ensuring the cup holding the material is kept airtight. This allows the spray gun to be used upside-down if required.

Quick Release Needle

A pin situated at the top of the trigger releases the needle

Adjustable Air Cap

1. horizontal (protruding nozzle tips on the left and right of the spray pattern) for a vertical fan

2. vertical (protruding nozzle tips at the top and bottom of the spray pattern) for a horizotal fan

3. diagonal for a rounded fan

Adjustable fan width

Found at the nozzle of the gun, loosening or tightening the front cap narrows or widens the spray fan.

Graco Edge II Plus spray gun

Graco Edge II Plus spray gun

Adjusting air or material flow

There are two dials at the back of the gun for adjusting air pressure and material flow. They are both clearly marked “AIR” and “FLUID” so there shouldn’t be any confusion.

Air setting - Edge II Plus spray gun

Air setting – Edge II Plus spray gun

Fluid setting - Edge II Plus spray gun

Fluid setting – Edge II Plus spray gun

Needle Nozzle Kit

You will receive at least one needle #3 when you purchase this gun separately. If you get this gun with the HVLP sprayer, you will get at least two needles #3 and #4 or all three (HVLP 9.5 ProContractor model).

IMPORTANT TIP: Before removing the spray tip, hold the trigger (keep the trigger pressed) – this pulls the needle back, so that it doesn’t rub against the spray tip – causing damage to the needle.

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