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In this section you will find all the information and Wagner airless products on sale at Airless Discounter.

They are organised according to the following 3 categories:

The sprayers

Wagner ProSpray 3.25 on cart
wagner heavy coat

Wagner Finish & SuperFinish : diaphragm pumps

Wagner Finish and SuperFinish diaphragm pumps are powered by 230 V.

These units are designed to spray various materials such as lacquers, primers, oils, varnishes, etc…

Top-of-the-range models are also capable of spraying viscous materials.

QLS technology means that maintenance is kept to a minimum, prolonging the life of the equipment.


Wagner ProSpray : piston pumps

The Wagner ProSpray airless range consists of piston pumps with electric motors.

All models from version 3.23 upwards have a trolley to make transporting the pump easier.

Electronic controls are available from version 3.25 and a removable trolley from version 3.29.

The range of applications can vary depending on the model: the ProSpray range can be used for everything from indoor spraying with model 3.20 to mastic spraying with model 3.39.


Wagner HeavyCoat : hydraulic pumps

The Wagner HeavyCoat series consists of hydraulic piston pumps powered either by electricity or petrol.

This Wagner airless pump is specially designed for spraying heavy materials such as sealants.

It is a high-performance piece of equipment for large projects.

Wagner HeavyCoat models equipped with an SSP piston add even more power to this sensational device.


About Airless Discounter

Airless-Discounter only sells quality Wagner airless equipment for professional and semi-professional use.

The Wagner ProjectPro 115, 117 or 119 and the Wagner Control Pro range are not available for sale as they are intended for domestic use.

However, you will find all the original Wagner accessories and those compatible with your Wagner paint station in our online shop.

Airless Wagner Accessories


Airless Wagner guns

Here are the Wagner airless spray guns according to their use:

The Wagner Vector Pro spray guns are ideal for varnishes, emulsion and dispersion paints.

The Wagner AG 14 is designed for glue, bitumen or mastic, while the Wagner AG 19 is for viscous components or fireproof coatings.

The AG 14 and AG 19 models are fitted with a rubber guard to protect the hand when applying materials at high temperatures.


Airless Wagner tips/nozzles

Wagner TradeTip 3, the long-lasting original Wagner nozzle, and Wagner TradeTip 3 FineFinish, the nozzle for perfect finishes.

Both nozzles are supplied with a filter, a metal gasket and a plastic gasket.

Visit the link below for Wagner nozzle sizes.

As an alternative to the Wagner airless nozzles, we offer you the FARBMAX nozzles, of similar quality to Wagner at a much lower price:

FARBMAX Silver Tip


Airless Wagner spray tips holders

Wagner Tip Guard nozzle holders have an 11/16″ or ⅞” connection.

They are used with original Wagner Trade Tip nozzles.

Alternatively, you can use a FARBMAX nozzle holder that is perfectly compatible with Wagner nozzles and at half the price:

Important: when buying a nozzle holder, please know the size of the fitting that connects to your gun.


Nozzle gaskets

Pack of 10 gaskets (5 plastic and 5 metal) for Wagner Trade Tip 3 nozzles. We also sell alternative products suitable for Wagner equipment.

See gaskets compatible with Wagner guns:

White gaskets & Metal gaskets

Below you will find the original airless nozzle seals for the manufacturer Wagner

Original Wagner gaskets


Original filters and compatible Wagner filters to cover all the needs of your airless equipment:

Filters for pumps
Filters for spray guns
Suction filters
Filter discs



Our stock contains lances compatible with Wagner airless spray guns. These extensions range from 15 to 200 centimetres to make it easier for you to reach even the most inaccessible corners. To the Wagner airless spray guns are also compatible FARBMAX extensions


Adapters & connectors

High pressure hose adaptors of all sizes and types compatible with Wagner airless equipment. For example, if you have a Wagner AG 08 gun with a 1/4″ male connection that you want to connect to a 3/8″ hose, then you will need to use a 1/4″ female and 3/8″ male adapter. In our online shop you will find the following fittings:

Adapter for gun and nozzle holder
Adapter for gun and hose
Hose connector



High-pressure hoses connect the pump to the gun. Knowing the type of fittings used to connect the gun to the pump is essential when buying a hose. If not, there are connection adaptors available.


Large volume containers

Wagner hopper systems allow you to mix large volumes of materials: emulsion paint, latex or even mastic.

If you want to work with powerful airless equipment, Wagner’s large containers will allow you to get the job done more efficiently without having to stop in your tracks to change buckets or keep refilling them.


Airless Wagner spare parts

Find your Wagner airless spare part in 3 steps

When purchasing Wagner spare parts, it is essential to ensure that the part number is correct. To do this, please use our assembly drawings for Wagner airless equipment. On Airless-Discounter you will find over 6000 spare parts for airless and aircoat equipment. To make your search easier, visit our “Wagner Spare Parts” page and follow the instructions to the right of this text to easily find your spare part.

1. Choose your Wagner assembly plan
2. Make a note of your part number
3. Find your spare part in our online shop


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