In today’s video we present the Graco Mark X, one of the most powerful piston pumps with an electric drive. The Airless device has a maximum delivery rate of 8.3 liters per minute and is within the maximum pressure range of 227 bar. With these performance figures, the Mark X is particularly suitable for large projects such as residential or commercial buildings. Most customers use the paint spraying machine for large-scale application of dispersion paints both indoors and outdoors. The graco Mark X can also be used for spraying of roof paint, fire protection and above all spray filler or plaster.

The Mark X is quite compact for the performance and the wide range of applications available. In the Standard version, the device weighs 70 kg. The large wheels allow easy transport of the sprayer. For power supply, luminous flux is sufficient. In addition to the standard version, the ProContractor version is also available. This offers some additional services such as a hose reel, a digital display for reading the working pressure and a liter counter for measuring the processed material. However, the delivery rate is 8.3 liters per minute for both the Mark X Standard and the ProContractor version. If it is purely about the delivery rate, the Standard version also offers my better price / performance ratio. Here is the video for Graco Mark X.

Graco Mark X Max STANDARD – Overview Video

Graco Mark X Max PROCONTRACTOR – Overview Video

Mark X use cases

The Mark X sprayer is versatile, here are some of the most common use cases as an example:

  • primer
  • stains
  • latex paint
  • acrylic paint
  • emulsion paint
  • dispersion paint
  • roof coating
  • fire protection
  • bitumen
  • spray filler or plaster
Graco Mark X Max Standard

Mark X Max Standard




The Graco Mark X includes:

  • Mark X Max sprayer on carriage / trolley
  • HD hose 15m in 1/2 “plus hose whip in 3/8”
  • HD inline gun with nozzle holder & Graco RAC X nozzle
  • Wrench
  • Piston oil
  • Operation user manual

The power to operate the Graco Mark X can be found here. A complete overview of the available construction drawings and the instructions for repair and maintenance is also available here. Spare parts and other accessories can be obtained easily through our shop.

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