Out of all the airless spraying devices, the Graco Ultra handheld models have gone through the most rapid design changes.

Each year, they have become lighter, more versatile and easier to use. Technological improvements to the tips (Graco FF LP) used with the handheld devices, means the spray fan is better controlled, with less overspray.

Furthermore, during operation more paint is easily added to the beaker and if blockages occur in the nozzle, a twist of the tip can relieve the clogging and work can continue.

Its no wonder these nifty, powerful units are being sold quickly all around the world.

Overview of the new key features

The most noticeable difference is the use of the new Flexliner System, which encompasses a flexible cup housed in a solid holder, that is completely sealed to create a vacuum during operation.

This allows the device to be used in any angle, a massive improvement upon older devices that needed to be held level in order for the material to flow properly through the machine.

The other notable mention is the type of tips used. In this case we have the FFLP RAC X Tips.

FFLP is the abbreviation for Fine Finish Low Pressure.

Graco RAC X FF LP Spray Tip

Graco RAC X FF LP Spray Tip

This refers to the fact that the device can produce a good, even spray fan even when operating under lower pressures, without needing air assisted boosts.

The RAC refers to “Reverse-And-Clean” which, as the name suggests, means you can twist the tip in the opposite direction and with a quick pull of the trigger, unclog some debris or material blocking the nozzle.

A final improvement on the technology is the ProConnect capability which allows you to replace the pump on site.

Simply remove the screws that house the pump and you can quickly and easily replace the pump with a new one!

These three features make working with the Graco Ultra a breeze for small projects.

Since the paint is kept in the air-tight beaker, there is very little mess and the machine can be operated in any angle, so that spraying furniture or eleborately designed walls are done with ease.

Getting started with Graco Ultra handheld sprayer

The Flexliner System comprises the Cup Cover (lid), Flexliner (flexible cup) and the Cup Support (solid black holder). With a few twists the cup is secured onto the pump.

Graco Ultra VacuValve

Graco Ultra VacuValve

The VacuValve located on the cup cover, comprises the Cap, Air Hole and Reservoir.

After filling the cup with paint until its almost full, gently squeeze the cup to allow any excess air to escape through the valve.

Once you see some paint appearing in the reservoir, keep your hand in that squeezed position, while closing the cap.

Set the gun to prime pump position to load the pump with paint, then set the knob back to the spray position. Make sure the tip is facing forward, with the arrow pointing straight towards the area you are working on. You are now ready for spraying.

The pump filter is located where the cup attaches to the sprayer. Your Graco Handheld has the filter already installed when you first purchase the device.

Graco Ultra Filters Black

Graco Ultra Filters Black #60 Mesh

Graco Ultra Filters Blue

Graco Ultra Filters Blue #100 Mesh

The pressure control and battery is located at the base of the handle.

The Speed Control, ProControl II has been updated to allow for a better continuous spray pattern.

For most materials, you will be using a pressure setting of between 6 – 10.

For much lighter materials such as interior stains / interior & exterior clears, you can use a pressure setting of between 1 to 5.

The battery can be checked for how much battery life is left by pressing down on the battery life indicator. The battery should last 3 and a half to 4 full cups.

Graco Ultra ProControl and Battery

Graco Ultra ProControl pressure setting and Battery with battery life indicator

Operating the device

If you have followed the instructions carefully when preparing the device with paint, it will be ready for spraying and the workflow will be simple and easy.

To produce an optimal, even spray pattern, make sure the device is held about a ruler’s length from the wall (25cm). Keeping the sprayer perpendicular to the wall, will ensure repeated patterns line up nicely.

If the device clogs. Simply twist the RAC X towards you, set the pressure to 10 and give a quick pull on the trigger to release any debris or excess material.

After several uses, if the spray pattern is developing “tails” at the top and bottom of the spray pattern, consider replacing the tip or cleaning the filter.


The Graco Ultra corded and cordless versions use water-based paints, which means cleaning is done simply by rinsing the removable parts with water. (The Graco UltraMax can use solvent-based substances too).

The machine pump and gun itself is cleaned by filling the beaker with water, turning the sprayer upside down, setting the knob to prime pump position and spraying the water into a bucket.

To clean the tips, set the gun to spray with the tip pointing forward and pull the trigger for 5 seconds, then stop.

Then set the gun to prime pump and reverse the tip as you would when unclogging the device. Pull the trigger for another 5 seconds. The tip should be clean at this point.

When storing the device for longer periods its recommended to use a Pump Armor. This ensures that the internal workings are protected against substances that can corrode and damage the pump.

When using the airless sprayer for the first time, be sure to flush out the test material that is present in the device when it first arrives from the factory.

Graco Pump Armor, Wagner EasyClean & FARBMAX Airless Cleaners

Graco Pump Armor, Wagner EasyClean & FARBMAX Airless Cleaners

Spray tip selection

As a default, use larger tip hole sizes with thicker materials (high viscocity) and smaller tip hole sizes with thinner materials (lower viscocity).

Tips do wear when used frequently, be sure to replace them before the spray pattern is compromised.

The FFLP tips supplied with the sprayer will usually be adequate for the job, however be sure to check recommended spray tip sizes in the technical data sheet for the material you are using.

The 410 will provide a 40 degree spray angle, with a paint fan width of about 20cm (when the gun is held 25 cm from the surface).

The 514 will provide a 50 degree spray angle, with a paint fan width of 25cm (when the gun is held 25cm from the surface).

Products and accessories included in the package

Here are the three Graco Ultra HH models available and what is included in the package.

Graco Ultra HH DC – 17M366

The Graco Ultra HH DC is battery operated and designed for use with water soluble spray materials.

Product delivery of the Graco Ultra MAX HH DC includes:

• Graco Ultra MAX HH DC

• Graco RAC X FF LP Nozzle – 410 & 514

• 4 x FlexLiner cups (1 liter)

• Dewalt battery and charger

• Filter # 60 (black) & # 100 (blue)

Graco Ultra MAX HH DC – 17M368

Graco Ultra Handheld cordless

Graco Ultra Handheld cordless

The Graco Ultra MAX HH DC is also battery operated, but allows the use of solvent-based paints in addition to the processing of water-soluble spray materials.

Product delivery of the Graco Ultra MAX HH DC includes:

• Graco RAC X FF LP Nozzle – 410 & 514

• 6 x FlexLiner cups (1 liter)

• Dewalt battery and charger

• Filter # 60 (black) & # 100 (blue)


Graco Ultra HH AC – 17M360

Graco Ultra Handheld corded

Graco Ultra Handheld corded

The Graco Ultra HH AC is powered by a 3-meter power cord.

Product delivery of the Graco Ultra HH AC includes:

• Graco Ultra HH AC

• Graco RAC X FF LP Nozzle – 410 & 514

• 4 x FlexLiner cups (1 liter)

• Filter # 60 (black) & # 100 (blue)

Should you need to order any accessories or additional Flexliner cups, we have a dedicated article on all parts for the Graco Ultra models here.

Graco Ultra – cable or cordless? Water- or oil-based?

This really does come down to personal preference, the environment you using the device and the materials you use most often.

We liked the battery version, as the idea of being able to take it anywhere is a big plus for us.

If you can think ahead and decide what are your most frequent small painting projects, this will give you a good idea of which model to purchase.

If still unsure give us a call or fill out a contact form below this article!


This device does a great job of handling small projects, but rather use a floor standing unit with separate hose and gun for entire rooms and exterior work.

Its best to ask the store specialist if this device is suited to your particularly job you wish to work on.

Thicker materials used for fire-proofing or anti-corrosion would be applied using a larger, more powerful device too.

We have a separate article on spare parts used for the Graco Ultra models here.

Should you ever get stuck, we are happy to assist you with our nationwide repair and maintenance service.

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