Airless pumps can be cleaned easily, quickly and without too much trouble if you use the right cleaning brushes and know how to do it. There are different brushes available on the market, but they are not always perfectly adapted to the machine.

That’s why we have custom-made brushes made to our specifications and the dimensions of our machines. The result is two brush kits that can easily clean the primary filter housing, suction strainer and gun of almost all airless machines currently on the market.

Airless pump cleaning brush kits


These brushes are used to clean the following components of the Airless pumps:

– Main filter housing
– Suction strainer
– Suction tube
– Airless gun

The brushes are made of white nylon. The handles are made of galvanized wire of different thicknesses, so that each brush will be more resistant over time.

Brush kit 1 for Graco Ultra Max, Mark, Wagner ProSpray and HeavyCoat pumps

The brush set 1 consists of three brushes for cleaning the main filter, the suction strainer and the gun. The first brush has a diameter of 40 mm and is suitable for cleaning the main filter body and the suction strainer. The second brush has a diameter of 15 mm and is suitable for cleaning the gun handle. The third brush has a diameter of 5 mm and is suitable for cleaning the inlets of the gun from paint residues.

We have adapted the brush set 1 mainly to Graco Mark models such as Mark V, Mark VII and Mark X as well as to Ultra Max II models such as Graco Ultra Max II 695, 795 and 1095.

The brushes are also suitable for cleaning Wagner ProSpray models from PS 3.31 to PS 3.39, for Wagner Heavycoat models such as the HC 750, HC 950 and HC 970 and for the Wagner SuperFinish 33 Plus (e.g. on its suction tube).

This first brush kit also works with the Titan Powrtwin series.

Airless pump models compatible with these cleaning brushes:

  • Graco Ultra Max II 695
  • Graco Ultra Max II 795
  • Graco Ultra Max II 1095
  • Graco Mark V
  • Graco Mark VII
  • Graco Mark X
  • Graco série DutyMax
  • Graco série GMAX
  • Wagner SF 33 Plus & Pro
  • Wagner PS 3.31
  • Wagner PS 3.34
  • Wagner PS 3.39
  • Wagner HC 750
  • Wagner HC 950
  • Wagner HC 970
  • Titan PowrTwin

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Brush kit 2 for Graco Classic, ST Max and Wagner SuperFinish pumps

We have designed the second brush set for the Graco Classic and ST Max models. In addition to these sprayers, the brush set is also suitable for Graco’s FinishPro series and Wagner’s SF 23 Plus and Pro models.

The brushes are also suitable for the smaller ProSpray models up to PS 3.25 and the FARBMAX Airless M10 Plus. The three brushes in the kit are 30 mm, 15 mm and 5 mm wide.

Airless pump models compatible with these cleaning brushes:

  • Graco Classic 390
  • Graco Classic 395
  • Graco Classic 495
  • Graco ST Max II 395
  • Graco ST Max II 495
  • Graco ST Max II 595
  • Graco série FinishPro II
  • Wagner SF 23 Plus & Pro
  • Wagner PS 3.20
  • Wagner PS 3.21
  • Wagner PS 3.25
  • FARBMAX M10 Plus
  • Titan Impact Serie

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Airless pump cleaning video

In the following video, we explain in detail, using a Graco Ultra Max II 795 sprayer, how cleaning Airless equipment can be done quickly and easily.


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