Winter is here! Great news for polar bears, not so good for your Airless paint spraying equipment. During colder parts of the year, we regularly receive Airless sprayers with frost damage in our workshop. Therefore, in the third episode of our video series “Airless Q&A”, we have summarized the most important tips to bring your spray equipment safely through the winter without damage.

What should be done if there is no frost-proof storage room for the Airless sprayer?

If possible, Airless spray guns and Paint sprayers should be stored in a frost-proof, dry area. In practice this is not always possible. Many of our customers want or need to leave the Airless sprayer in their company vehicle. In freezing temperatures, it is dangerous here. Especially at night, when temperatures keep falling. If there is water-soluble paint or water in the sprayer and in the hose, damage may occur.

Graco Pump Armor, Wagner EasyClean & FARBMAX Airless Cleaners

Graco Pump Armor, Wagner EasyClean & FARBMAX Airless Cleaners


When water freezes, it expands, causing components to be damaged by the pressure. To prevent this, the sprayer should be filled with preservative. Most preservatives on the market offer not only caring and preserving properties, but also protection against frost.

Which preservatives with antifreeze are available for paint sprayers?

The most common preservatives for Airless equipment with frost protection properties are the following agents from the manufacturers Wagner, FARBMAX and Graco:

Wagner EasyClean – order directly – click here

FARBMAX Airless care – order directly – click here

Graco Pump Armor – order directly – click here

How to fill the sprayer with EasyClean, Airless Care or Pump Armor?

Preservative is not intended for cleaning the Airless sprayer. Therefore, the paint sprayer, hose and gun should be thoroughly rinsed and cleaned with water or solvent after use. For cleaning, water is used in water-soluble paint. In the case of solvent-containing spray materials, it is cleaned with suitable solvent. If the paint sprayer is properly cleaned, dilute the respective preservative 30 to 1 with water (30 parts water to 1 part preservative, so the bottle will last a while). This mixture of water and preservative can be sucked in by the sprayer, so that the sprayer the hose and the gun is filled with the antifreeze preservative. In this way, the device is protected against frost damage and gets safely through the winter without damage.

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