At Airless Discounter, we frequently talk about respiratory protection for airless spraying.

We do not forget other types of protection including the famous paint suit or paint overall.

It may seem optional at first, but you will see that it is an essential accessory for any spray job.

Paint overalls

Why use a paint overall ?

Painting activities involve a number of steps, each with its own risks. In general, the process involves some form of surface preparation, which may include physical or chemical removal techniques.

Physical techniques may include sanding, scraping or sandblasting. Depending on the type of paint or coating to be applied, it may be necessary to mix two or more components before application. The primary paint application techniques are hand brushing or rolling, dipping and spray application.

Regardless of the tasks involved, workers engage in a variety of activities that jeopardize the durability of the clothing used. The most common scenarios include bending, crouching or encountering rough or abrasive surfaces such as metal, concrete and wood.

Conducting a risk assessment is an essential step in ensuring that the worker is properly protected from the hazards they are exposed to. For example, a garment suitable for a water-based paint application may not be suitable for a solvent-based paint application. Similarly, in a situation where the durability of the garment may be in question, the end user will want to consider a material structure that offers a high degree of abrasion resistance.

In the following video, you will see an example of a full body protection in the case of surface disinfection with an airless sprayer.

How to choose a paint overall ?

Choosing the right type of protective clothing for the situation depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The products being handled
  • The type of paint or surface treatment product used
  • The concentration of the chemicals
  • The type of application (spraying, spraying, etc.)

Of course, you can use clothes that you no longer use as coveralls: a sweater and old jeans are fine for occasional paint jobs. However, if you work with paint almost every day, you may want to use a dedicated suit.

If so, here are the benefits of this type of workwear:

  • Full body protection with a full paint overall
  • Minimized need for cleaning

Your first line of defense against paint particles is disposable protective clothing. When made from breathable materials, this type of paint suit is comfortable while providing a high level of protection. The abrasion-resistant fabrics used for these innovative suits work as hard as you do for reliable all-day performance, with the confidence that you are safe from rips or tears.

There are many levels of protection for spray paint applications of all kinds. For maximum protection, you can choose the coverall suit with a hood and elastic cuffs and ankles to keep any particles away from your body. When purchasing disposable protective clothing, keep in mind that it is recommended to change frequently and to check the clothing throughout the work day.

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