What is a spray shield?

A spray shield consists of a flat sheet connected to a handle. As its name implies, it is used to shield surfaces from unwanted paint.

In airless spraying, paint shields provide effective protection against overspray.

They can also help to reduce work load, time and material otherwise necessary to mask and cover areas during paint application.

When to use a spray shield

Spray shields can be used to protect edges, ceilings and floors when applying paint.

They are also effective when painting door and window frames, and adding color changes.

Economical and reuseable tools, they greatly reduce the time and effort necessary for taping and masking prior to spraying, providing a clean and sharp finish.

Einsatz des Airless-Schildes in Kantenbereichen

Using a spray shield for painting edges

How to correctly position a spray shield

The paint shield should be positioned so that it protects the area you want to safeguard.

The handle can be adjusted to different angles for an optimal use. While spraying, move the paint shield along with the airless sprayer, keeping the degree of tilt consistent.

For hard-to-reach areas, the spray shield can be attached to an extension pole for easy access. The handle is usually 40cm long, but it can be replaced by a 120cm-extension handle.

Gelenk am Airless-Schild

Adjusting the handle on the spray shield


What is the best spray shield?

There are different types of shields, rigid and flexible, available in a variety of sizes.

Our selection includes a stiff aluminum spray shield, a flexible polysterene spray shield and a spray shield with a cardboard clip.

Aluminum spray shield 91 x 23cm – click here to order!

With a size of 91cm, the aluminum shield is the largest one, offering excellent rigidity and extra stability.

Airless-Schild aus Aluminium

Stiff aluminum spray shield

Flexible polysterene 61 x 23cm – click here to order!

The flexible polysterene spray shield is smaller in size and lighter in weight and can be used for most projects.

Airless-Schild aus Kunststoff

Flexible polysterene spray shield

Spray shield with cardboard clip – click here to order!

Finally, the spray shield with cardboard clip and handle allows you to custom the shape and size of the shield by clipping a piece of cardboard of your choice to the handle.

Airless-Schild mit Pappe

Spray shield with cardboard clip

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