Wagner FineCoat 9700 – Overview


The FineCoat 9700 fine spray system is WAGNER's new lacquer specialist. The powerful turbine allows a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, which can be supplemented with additional accessories. The solvent-resistant HVLP gun can be used to apply all current solvent-based and water-thinnable paints. What's more, the FineCoat 9700 offers an environmentally-friendly and material-friendly [...]

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Finish faster with an airless sprayer – Arguments

2024-07-12T08:56:18+00:0007/12/2024|Painters' Corner|

In the Facebook group Tips and Tricks for airless spray painters, there was an interesting discussion about whether the price paid by the end customer for the paint job should be lower because the airless technique was used. The starting point for this discussion was the following question from a member of the [...]

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Why use a roller when airless spraying?

2024-06-11T07:37:18+00:0006/11/2024|How to Spray|

In our Facebook group, a question was recently asked on the subject of rolling and post-rolling when using airless equipment. It's an interesting and much-discussed topic, so we've summarised the main points of the discussion in the following blog post. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrwYrPAr05A   But first, here's the question: Bonjour à tous, Sur certaines vidéos Youtube, [...]

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Wagner SuperFinish 21 Pro – Overview

2024-05-24T09:57:03+00:0005/24/2024|Airless Paint Sprayers, Wagner|

The Wagner SuperFinish 21 Pro (versions 2437311 & 2437312) is a robust device that offers all the advantages of a compact diaphragm pump. For small and medium-sized projects, the Spraypack is perfect for spraying varnishes, primers, lacquers, impregnations and glycerine lacquers. The Wagner SF 21 Pro can also be used to disperse thin or diluted [...]

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Overview of the Graco Ultra 490XT

2024-05-13T08:42:46+00:0004/25/2024|Airless Paint Sprayers, Graco|

In the following blog, we take a closer look at the Graco Ultra 490 XT. First, we take a look at the technical specifications and performance of this airless sprayer. The focus is also on the area of application and therefore on the materials that can be optimally treated with this airless or [...]

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Graco Ultra XT up to 10 times quieter?

2024-04-23T12:10:06+00:0004/23/2024|Airless Paint Sprayers, General, Graco|

Graco is announcing the introduction of its new Ultra XT airless with the slogan "up to 10 times quieter". So we want to know exactly what that means. In the following video blog, we'll be listening to just how noisy the new models really are. To do this, we'll do a test and compare the [...]

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