Overview of the Graco Ultra 490XT

In the following blog, we take a closer look at the Graco Ultra 490 XT. First, we take a look at the technical specifications and performance of this airless sprayer. The focus is also on the area of application and therefore on the materials that can be optimally treated with this airless or on the projects for which the Ultra 490 XT is suitable. The Ultra XT models also feature a number of technical innovations. Taking the Ultra 490 XT as an example, we discuss developments to the motor, pressure control and pump. We then briefly explain the structure and operation of Graco’s Ultra 490 XT. Finally, we give a brief overview of the sprayer’s equipment and scope of supply.


Technical specifications of the Graco Ultra 490 XT

The Graco Ultra 490 XT has a maximum flow rate of 2.6 litres per minute. This flow rate enables paint to be supplied to nozzles with an orifice of up to 0.025″, i.e. 525 nozzles, for example. Maximum working pressure is 227 bar. The stand-mounted unit weighs 16.3 kg and is slightly larger than a beer pack. Practical, compact dimensions for this power category. For users who find this too heavy, Graco offers a trolley-mounted variant that also has a rigid suction. Although this model is considerably heavier (29.9 kg), it is mounted on two wheels and does not need to be carried.

Ultra 490 XT airless pump Floor-standing device    Graco Ultra 495 XT airless pump on trolley

Graco Ultra 490 XT Low Boy                                                                                                     Graco Ultra 490 XT Hi Boy on trolley


Technical overview:

  • Max flow rate: 2,6 l/min
  • Max. working pressure: 227 bar
  • Max. nozzle sizes: 0,025″
  • Voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Motor power: 956 W
  • Weight: 16,3 kg (Low boy), 29,9 kg (on trolley)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 41,7 x 34 x 45,2 cm (low boy), 56,4 x 52,1 x 72,6 cm (on trolley)
  • Noise level: 75 dBa

Applications for the Graco Ultra 490 XT

The Graco Ultra 490 XT can be used for a wide range of applications. It can be used to spray primers and varnishes, as well as dispersion, latex and silicate paints indoors. You can also use non-woven glue and, to a limited extent, facade paint (to add a splash of colour).

The Ultra 490 XT comes with equipment for applying wall paints. If lacquers or finer materials also need to be applied in small quantities, it may be worth purchasing a finishing/lacquering kit. (Soon available)


Tremie-Graco-pour-pompes-XT Aperçu de la Graco Ultra 490 XT

Graco hopper for XT pump

Graco hopper for XT pump – 20B529 at Airless Discounter

Materials that can be treated with Graco Ultra 490 XT:

  • Primers
  • Fillers
  • Water- and solvent- based paints
  • Synthetic resin-based paints
  • Interior dispersion paints
  • Silicate paints for interiors
  • Latex paints
  • Non-woven glue
  • Certain facade paints (the finest)

Technical innovations

For the Ultra XT series, Graco has pulled out all the stops by introducing a host of new features, both large and small. These developments mainly concern the motor, the control system and the pump.


Xtreme Torque Motor Technology

Graco relies on Xtreme Torque Motor Technology for its drive. Xtreme Torque stands for “extreme torque”. Graco has developed its own direct-drive motor for its airless machines. This motor generates around 15 times more torque than a comparable motor. One of the reasons for this power is that the motor has eight times as many magnets. This allows the drive to operate more slowly, reducing the speed of rotation by 90%. The result is a significant reduction in motor noise – 10 times lower, according to the manufacturer.


Comparaison-du-moteur-Graco-Extreme-Torque Aperçu de la Graco Ultra 490 XT

Comparison of the Graco Extreme Torque engine

Pressure control – RapidResponse Control

Graco calls the new pressure control RapidResponse Control. On the one hand, the pressure can be set very precisely and precisely to the desired number of bars compared to previous models. Secondly, the pressure drop between the dynamic pressure and the spraying pressure is significantly reduced, and pressure variations are also much smaller. These improvements ensure a smoother flow of material and a more uniform spray pattern, which ultimately results in a better quality surface finish.

TurboClean performance mode & fast cleaning

Ultra XT models come with a choice of two spray programmes, known as performance modes. There’s the ‘Low Pressure’ mode, i.e. the low-pressure programme between 3 and 138 bar, and the ‘High Pressure’ mode between 34 and 227 bar, if higher pressure settings are required. The rapid cleaning programme is now called TurboClean. Its use has been improved and, according to the manufacturer, the sprayer can be cleaned up to six times faster. All this with a water consumption of just 50%. In addition, the WatchDog protection function to prevent the pump running dry is now available on all models.

Nettoyage-rapide-TurboClean-sur-le-Graco-Ultra-495-XT Aperçu de la Graco Ultra 490 XT

Nettoyage rapide TurboClean sur le Graco Ultra 495 XT

Durable pump & quick-change bottom system

Graco Ultra XT models are equipped with Endurance Vortex pumps whose pistons are designed to last three times longer than comparable competitive pistons. The ProConnect system makes it possible to change pumps quickly on site in just a few steps.

Vortex-Endurance-Pumpe-an-Graco-Ultra-495-XT Aperçu de la Graco Ultra 490 XT

Vortex Endurance Pump on a Graco Ultra 495 XT

Structure and operation of the Graco Ultra 490 XT

The Ultra 490 XT is an electric piston pump. Suction is via a suction hose for the floor-mounted unit and a rigid suction tube for the trolley-mounted model. The paint is sucked from the bucket into the airless unit, pumped through the sprayer and fed through the main filter and the 15 m long product hose. The paint then flows through the gun and is sprayed at the nozzle.

Display-Graco-Ultra-490-XT-800x666 Aperçu de la Graco Ultra 490 XT

Display Graco Ultra 490 XT

Control is via the display on the side of the sprayer. To the left of the display is an on/off switch, and to the right is a pressure regulator for fine-tuning the working pressure. The pressure regulator can also be used to control the TurboClean quick-clean function. To the left of the display is a button for selecting the performance mode, which also activates or deactivates the WatchDog function. On the right-hand side of the screen is menu guidance, which displays the number of litres of paint already sprayed, for example. Using the relevant Graco Bluelink application, the mobile phone can also access various data from the machine.
On the side of the main filter is the relief valve, which is needed to relieve pressure from the system, for example during a work break.


Graco Ultra 490 XT delivery contents

The Graco Ultra 490 XT is delivered ready to work and ready to use. In addition to the airless device, a 15 m high-pressure hose is supplied. The Graco Contractor PC gun with nozzle holder and a Graco LP 517 nozzle are also included. A small bottle of TSL piston oil, tools and instructions are also included.

Depending on the project, it may be useful to order additional filters for the unit and the gun, as well as additional nozzles of the right size for the paint. Maintenance products such as nozzle cleaners, preservatives or cleaning brushes are also a worthwhile investment if you want to keep your airless equipment in tip-top condition.

Pompe-airless-Graco-Ultra-490-XT-19D525 Aperçu de la Graco Ultra 490 XT

Airless Graco Ultra 490 XT pump – 19D525

Here’s a detailed overview of what comes with the Graco Ultra 490 XT:

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