In 2024, Graco burst onto the market with a host of new products. At the forefront are the new Ultra XT, the Mark XT series and the PowerShot XT models. In what follows, we give you an initial overview of the developments in these airless sprayers. We’ve also compiled the most important information on the technical features and areas of application of the new models.

What are the new Graco Ultra XT & Mark XT models?

The former ST Max and Ultra Max model series are now combined in the Ultra XT series. The new models are the Graco Ultra 490 XT, Ultra 495 XT, Ultra 650 XT, Ultra 695 XT, Ultra 795 XT and Ultra 1095 XT. Starting with the Ultra 695 XT, a simpler standard version and a higher-end ProContractor version will be available as before. There will also be new XT versions of the Mark V and Mark VII.

Based on the Graco Quickshot, the PowerShot pistol will be introduced to the market as the PowerShot Standard and PowerShot XT from autumn 2024.

What’s new in the Graco Ultra XT & Mark XT?

Before we start describing the new machines, here’s an overview of the main new features. As well as a more modern design, the Ultra XT models offer more power than their predecessors. For example, the Graco Ultra 495 XT delivers a maximum flow rate of 3 litres, compared with 2.3 litres for the previous Graco ST Max II 495 PC Pro model. All Graco XT sprayers feature a newly designed engine with higher torque. This allows the drive to run at lower revs and be significantly quieter. Pressure control has been improved, considerably minimising pressure variations between dynamic pressure and spray pressure. Pressure adjustment is also much more precise than in previous models. A choice of two spraying programmes, the Performance Modes, simplifies pressure setting and prevents user error. Furthermore, all Ultra XT models are equipped with long-life Endurance Vortex pumps. The TurboClean quick-clean function has been improved and is now available on the smaller Ultra 490 XT and Ultra 495 XT models. The same applies to the Watchdog function, which protects the pump from running dry.

Graco Ultra XT

The Graco Ultra 490 XT is available on the European market in two versions. For most users, the floor-mounted version will be the most attractive, as it makes the machine as light and compact as possible. This makes it easy to transport to and from the worksite. In a second version, the Ultra 490 XT will be available on a trolley, for those who prefer wheels and rigid suction.

Graco Ultra 490 XT            The new Graco 490XT on trolley

             Graco Ultra 490 XT Low Boy                                                                                      Graco Ultra 490 XT Hi Boy on trolley


The maximum flow rate of the airless device is 2.6 litres per minute and the maximum working pressure is 227 bar. This power is sufficient to use a maximum nozzle size of 0.025″(e.g. 525). In this context, the device is suitable for painting applications on wooden ceilings, door frames and windows. Larger areas of lacquer, such as wooden houses, can also be painted with this sprayer. The Ultra 490 XT is also suitable for spraying primers and dispersion paints on walls and ceilings.

The free-standing version weighs 16.3 kg. The dimensions are 45.2 cm high, 41.7 cm long and 34 cm wide. The mobile version weighs almost twice as much at 29.9 kg and measures 72.6 x 56.4 x 52.1 cm. According to the manufacturer, the noise level when using the airless device is 75 dBa.

A detailed report on this model can be found in the blog post ” Graco Ultra 490 XT at a glance“.


Graco Ultra 495 XT

Unlike its predecessor, the Graco ST Max II 495 PC Pro, the Ultra 495 XT has around 30% more flow. The current model offers a maximum flow rate of 3.0 litres, instead of 2.3 l/min. The maximum working pressure is still 227 bar, but it is possible to work with larger nozzles. The Ultra 495 XT allows the use of up to a 0.027″ nozzle orifice. It is therefore possible to use a 527 nozzle, for example.

The range of applications then extends from primers and varnishes to wall and facade paints. It is also possible to spray non-woven adhesives.


Graco Ultra 495 XT Low Boy                                                                                                                Graco Ultra 495 XT Hi Boy on trolley


Like its little brother, the Graco Ultra 490 XT, the Ultra 495 XT is also available on a stand and trolley. Dimensions and weight are identical to those of the Ultra 490 XT, at 16.3 kg for the floor-mounted version and 29.9 kg with the trolley. The airless needs 185 piston strokes to pump a litre of paint. In doing so, it generates a sound pressure level of 75 decibels, compared with 90 decibels for the previous model, and with greater power.

Delivery includes a 15 m hose, filter and Graco Contractor PC gun with LP nozzle.

Graco Ultra 650 XT

The Graco Ultra 650 XT is the successor to the Graco Ultra Max II 650 PC Pro, the performance values are, as for the previous model, 3 litres of maximum flow per minute. The maximum pressure is 227 bar and the maximum usable nozzle size is a 0.029″ hole. So, for example, a 529 nozzle. To pump a litre of paint, the airless device needs 150 piston strokes. Thanks to new motor technology, the sound pressure level has been reduced to 78 decibels.


Electric-airless-sprayer-Ultra-650-XT-Hi-Boy-20B305 New products Graco 2024 - Ultra, Mark XT & PowerShot XT

                                       Airless sprayer Ultra 650 XT, Hi-Boy – 20B308

Graco Ultra 650 XT – 20B308 at Airless Discounter

The Ultra 650 XT is suitable for spraying primers, interior wall paints and adhesives. It can also be used to spray finer products such as lacquers. The Graco Ultra 650 XT weighs 31.3 kg and requires a space of 72.6 cm x 56.4 cm x 52.1 cm for transport to the job site or storage. As with the other models, the Ultra 650 XT comes with a 15 m hose, Graco Contractor PC gun with LP nozzle, piston oil, filter and instructions.

Graco Ultra 695 XT

The Graco Ultra 695 XT comes ready to use on a trolley with 15 m of hose, a Graco Contractor PC gun and a Graco LP nozzle size 517. Piston oil and filter are also included. The Ultra 695 XT offers a maximum flow rate of 4.0 litres at a maximum pressure of 227 bar. The maximum nozzle size that can be used is a 0.031″ hole (e.g. 531).


Electric-airless-sprayer-Ultra-650-XT-Hi-Boy-20B305 New products Graco 2024 - Ultra, Mark XT & PowerShot XT

Ultra 695 XT Standard airless pump, Hi-Boy – 19Fxxx                Ultra 695 XT ProContractor airless pump, Hi-Boy – 19F729

Graco Ultra 695 XT Standard – 19Fxxx at Airless Discounter Graco Ultra 695 XT ProContractor – 19F729 at Airless Discounter


The Graco Ultra 695 XT weighs 42 kg or 49 kg, as it is available in two versions. One as a standard Graco Ultra 695 XT and the other as a Graco Ultra 695 XT ProContractor. This is not a new subdivision, and is already familiar from Graco’s previous model series. The ProContractor version offers much more than the standard version, including a hose reel, non-flattening wheels, SmartDisplay XT for connection to the PowerShot XT gun, the Endurance Vortex Maxlife bottom pump and a reinforced intake strainer.

Graco Ultra 795 XT

With a maximum flow rate of 4.5 litres per minute, the Graco Ultra 795 XT is 0.5 litres more powerful than its little brother, the Ultra 695 XT ; it is also 0.4 litres more powerful than its predecessor, the Graco ULTRA MAX II 795. Maximum working pressure is 227 bar and the largest possible nozzle can be a 0.033″ nozzle, so for example a 533 nozzle. The weight is 43 kg in the standard version and around 50 kg in the ProContractor version.



Ultra 795 XT Standard airless pump, Hi-Boy – 19Fxxx                               Ultra 795 XT ProContractor airless pump, Hi-Boy – 19F733

Graco Ultra 795 XT Standard – 19Fxxx at Airless Discounter Graco Ultra 795 XT ProContractor – 19F733 at Airless Discounter


Graco’s Ultra 795 XT is suitable for spray materials such as primers, interior wall paints, adhesives, silicate and lime paints. The Ultra 795 XT also works well outdoors on facades and roofs. It comes complete with a 15 m high-pressure hose, Contractor PC gun with nozzle holder and LP 517 nozzle, piston oil, tools and instructions.

Graco Ultra 1095 XT

The Graco Ultra 1095 XT is the most powerful model below the Mark XT models. The airless pumps a maximum of 4.9 litres of paint per minute. This means it can easily be used for large interior projects such as warehouses, commercial units or large housing blocks.


Ultra 1095 XT Standard airless pump, Hi-Boy – 19Fxxx                       Ultra 1095 XT ProContractor airless pump, Hi-Boy – 19F736

Graco Ultra 1095 XT Standard – 19Fxxx at Airless Discounter Graco Ultra 1095 XT ProContractor – 19F736 at Airless Discounter


The Ultra 1095 XT can also be used for large façade projects or roofing work. As with all their models, the maximum pressure is 227 bar, which is sufficient. Nozzles with a bore of 0.037″ can be used, so for example a 537 nozzle. The weight is 51 kg in the standard version and 58 kg in the more sophisticated ProContractor version.

Graco Mark V XT Standard & ProContractor

Like its predecessor, the Graco Mark V XT can be used as a combined machine for painting and plastering. The exact technical specifications and performance of the Graco Mark V XT are not yet available. Weight and equipment specifications are not yet available either. We will provide this information as soon as it is published by the manufacturer. This may take some time, the Graco Mark XT is expected to be launched in autumn 2024.

Pompe-airless-Mark-V-XT-HD-3-en-1-ProContractor-Hi-Boy-19F552 Nouveaux produits Graco 2024 - Ultra, Mark XT & PowerShot XT

 Mark V XT HD airless pump 3-in-1 ProContractor, Hi-Boy – 19Fxxx

Graco Mark VII XT Standard & ProContractor

As with the Graco Mark V XT. there is as yet no detailed information on the Graco Mark VII XT. The previous model was very popular as a combination machine for spraying primer, paint, glue, interior/exterior wall paint, facade paint, floor paint and topcoat and filler. So it was a spray machine for almost every application.

This successful recipe will certainly be retained for the new models. The commercial launch of the Graco Mark VII XT is expected for autumn 2024.


Pompe-airless-Mark-VII-XT-HD-ProContractor-Hi-Boy-19F744 Nouveaux produits Graco 2024 - Ultra, Mark XT & PowerShot XT

Mark VII XT HD airless pump ProContractor, Hi-Boy – 19Fxxx

Graco Contractor PowerShot Standard & XT

After the launch of the Graco Quickshot, the question arose as to whether the benefits of an electrically operated gun could be applied to airless equipment and larger projects. The answer is yes, and it’s coming to market in the form of the Graco Contractor PowerShot guns. Contractor PowerShot guns allow you to work without spitting. What’s more, the guns are very light and the effort required to pull the trigger is also very low. These new Contractor guns make the job a whole lot easier.

WhatsApp-Image-2024-04-15-a-17.30.55_e1d2868e Nouveaux produits Graco 2024 - Ultra, Mark XT & PowerShot XT

Graco Contractor PowerShot Standard & XT

How do Graco Contractor PowerShot guns work?

A conventional airless spray gun opens and closes mechanically. You press the gun trigger, which causes a spring to recoil, opening the gun so that the paint can be sprayed from it. When the gun trigger is released, the spring closes the gun and the flow of paint by means of its needle on its seat. The Contractor PowerShot consists of a gun with an electric shut-off mechanism. Pulling the trigger simply triggers an electrical signal that opens or closes the gun.

This offers a number of advantages: the gun is lighter, the trigger has almost no resistance and can be operated effortlessly. But above all, the closing mechanism on the gun is more precise and doesn’t sputter like conventional airless guns with mechanical triggers.

Graco Contractor PowerShot guns are connected to the PowerPak system by a 1.8 m hose. The PowerPak system maintains the battery that supplies the gun with electricity. In addition, the gun’s filter is located in the handle of the PowerPak. A short hose also runs from here. This hose can then be connected to the normal paint hose of a Graco airless unit (Graco Contractor PowerShot Standard: as well as any other airless brand with a 1/4″ thread). The Contractor PowerShot gun can then be fitted in no time at all.

Guertel-mit-PowerPak-Graco-PowerShot-XT-800x425 Nouveaux produits Graco 2024 - Ultra, Mark XT & PowerShot XT

Belt with PowerPak – Graco PowerShot XT

The PowerPak is worn on the belt supplied with the power gun. Contractor PowerShot guns are suitable for spraying lacquers and wall paints indoors and outdoors.

Graco Contractor PowerShot Standard or PowerShot XT?

Graco will launch two different models of Contractor PowerShot in 2024. The standard Graco Contractor PowerShot, this model can be connected to any airless equipment. This includes Graco’s existing airless equipment as well as spray paint equipment from other manufacturers. Simply connect the Contractor PowerShot Standard gun, switch on the airless and set the desired pressure. And off you go!

Graco-Contractor-PowerShot-Standard-600x600 Nouveaux produits Graco 2024 - Ultra, Mark XT & PowerShot XT

Graco Contractor PowerShot Standard

If you own a new Graco Ultra XT spray painting machine, the second model, the Contractor PowerShot XT, offers other advantages. On this model, the pressure setting can be changed on the PowerPak. The PowerPak is worn on the belt and a plus/minus button lets you change the pressure setting of the XT airless device at will (up to 60m, according to Graco). This eliminates the need to go to the Graco XT airless sprayer, and the pressure can be adjusted at the touch of a button.

As well as remote control of the pressure setting, the Contractor PowerShot XT also features a SmartStall function. When the trigger is released, the gun stops spraying immediately, without spitting. What’s more, the gun sends a signal to the airless unit to tell it that no further pressure is required, and the airless motor stops immediately. In this way, the dynamic pressure is not increased unnecessarily and pressure variations are reduced.

To use these functions, the airless device must be fitted with the SmartDisplay XT. SmartDisplay XT is supplied as standard with the Ultra 695 XT ProContractor, Ultra 795 XT ProContractor and Ultra 1095 XT ProContractor models. SmartDisplay XT can be retrofitted to Ultra 490 XT, Ultra 495 XT and Ultra 650 XT models, as well as all standard versions of the XT series. It is not possible to retrofit older models or airless devices from other manufacturers.