In the article we will provide you with the necessary instruction for changing the pump Graco Ultra & UltraMax. Wear can damage the pump sometimes you can get an error message, with the light below the pressure control flashing four times, indicating that the pump is blocked. In this case, the pump has reached its lifetime and should be replaced. In the video here below, the steps to repair the pump of the Graco Ultra and UltraMax are illustrated (credits to Graco for the video).


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Step-by-step instructions for repairing the Graco Ultra & UltraMax pump

  1. Disconnect power supply (battery / cable) and turn the spray / prime nub down to the prime position
  2. Remove the cup assembly
  3. Remove the tip guard assembly and turn the prime / spray nub forward to the spray position
  4. Remove the cross-head screw from the prime / pump spray nub and remove the nub
  5. Remove the seven cross-head screws from the sprayer enclosure and remove the enclosure cover
  6. Carefully remove the pump assembly from the enclosure (on the Graco UltraMax you will have to remove the static dissipation wire first – and save the screw!)
  7. Place the new pump assembly into the Smart Control housing – DO NOT REMOVE THE YELLOW LOCKING DEVICE! (on Graco UltraMax models you will have to reinstall the static dissipation wire) 
  8. Push the pump assembly down into the SmartControl enclosure – the pump locking device will snap away from the pump assembly
  9. Install the enclosure cover and install the cross-head screws, making sure the wires are not pinched. See the manual for correct torque specifications
  10. You will need to install the prime / spray nub so the nub is pointing forward. Install the cross-head screw at the back of the nub. Make sure the prime / pump nub only rotates forward and down
  11. Attach the tip guard assembly and the cup assembly
  12. Verify the prime / pump nub has been properly installed by turning it forward to the spray position and down to the prime position
  13. Fill the cup assembly with water and test spraying

Safety Note: To repair and replace the pump unit of the Graco Ultra and Graco UltraMax, disconnect the sprayer from the power supply (battery, cable). In addition, the pressure should be released via the relief valve. In addition, please observe the operating and repair instructions of the manufacturer.

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