Graco GXFF. Every day we see that the airless machine cannot be used on site because of a simple lack of accessories. If the right nozzle or filter is missing, it is impossible to work. This is annoying, as it represents a loss of time and money, as the interruption of work could have been avoided with a little planning. In the following video blog, we have therefore compiled a list of the most important accessories for the Graco GX FF that you should have in stock to reduce unnecessary downtime. We’ve also added some useful accessories to the list that will help you make your painting jobs easier and more professional.

Accessory 1 – Graco GX FF Inlet filter

The inlet filter is located in the paint hopper of the Graco GX FF and should be cleaned regularly. If the screen is clogged or damaged, it should be replaced.

Suction strainer 112133 in Airless Discounter shop

Sieb für Graco GX FF Trichter

Graco GX FF Suction strainer

Accessory 2 – Graco GX FF Gun Filter

The gun filter sifts the paint before it is pressed and sprayed through the nozzle. The gun filter prevents the nozzles from clogging and interrupting the work. When spraying paint with the Graco GX FF, a #100 mesh gun filter should be used. The Graco GX FF comes with the FTX gun with large filters. The battery-operated pump version comes with the Graco Contractor PC Compact gun, which requires smaller filters.

Pistolenfilter für Graco GX FF

Gun filters for Graco GX FF

Accessory 3 – Nozzle for Graco GX FF

Choosing the right nozzle is critical to achieving the correct spray pattern and a uniform surface without paint mist or drips. In principle, Graco FF LP nozzles are suitable for painting with the Graco GX FF. In the following video you will find more tips on choosing the right nozzle size.

Graco RAC X FFLP nozzles in Airless Discounter shop


Accessory 4 – Nozzle cleaner

The Farbmax nozzle Egg-timer keeps nozzles clean and ready for use. It prevents sticking and hardening of the paint in the nozzle channel.

Nozzle Egg-timer in Airless Discounter shop


Accessory 5 – Preservative for Graco GX FF

A preservative such as Graco Pump Armor is used to preserve the airless device after cleaning. It helps protect the airless against corrosion, adhesion and sticking of valves and seals. Therefore, it should be used especially during long periods of downtime when the airless equipment is not in use.

Pump armor in Airless Discounter shop

Accessory 6 – Airless whip for Graco GX FF

The airless hose whip is thinner and more flexible than the main hose and can be guided better when spraying. It puts less pressure on the wrist, which makes the work easier and improves the result on the surface.

Graco 0.9m Whip – 25C827 in Airless Discounter shop


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