You don’t live in Germany, so it’s natural to want to find a company that works near you. However, the reality in Europe, is that there is no company like Airless Discounter GmbH, which specialises exclusively in mechanised spraying and offers a wide range of services in addition to fast online sales thanks to a very wide choice and stock of parts and airless, aircoat and hvlp spraying machines for the professional brands Graco, Wagner, Farbmax and Titan.

You may find a machine at your paint or coating supplier’s; but they won’t have multiple choices so maybe not exactly what you need. What’s more, the advisor who gives you the information will certainly be able to help you perfectly well with the product you need for your surfaces, but will be of little help with the machine he presents to you.

The poor knowledge of our few competitors in Europe is one of the factors contributing to our success and rapid development over the past 14 years.
The importance we place on knowledge in this field, together with the priority given to our after-sales service, means we can offer advice and personalised help of the highest quality.

When you place an order at Airless Discounter, you are buying a package. In other words, not just a product and you’re on your own, but you get a product and the written, voice, video and telephone information you need for your purchase.
If you have a problem on site 2 days or even 1 year later, you can always contact us so that we can help you solve the problem on the day or look for the parts references in the shop needed to solve the problem.
The machine needs to be checked in person? No problem, our workshop will be able to receive your machine and provide you with a report and a quotation for the repairs required on your machine.

Who is Airless Discounter ?

If you’re still wondering, here’s the answer.

Airless Discounter is a Berlin-based company that has been reselling airless painting equipment to construction professionals in Europe for 14 years. Thanks to its expertise and know-how, our team can help and advise you in choosing your low- and high-pressure paint station and renewing your airless accessories and spare parts.

Airless Discounter has a physical shop in Berlin and an online shop in 5 languages.

As a dealer and specialist in the mechanised airless spraying sector, we can advise you to the best of our ability, whether you want to buy a new machine or are experiencing technical problems with your equipment.

Our online shop, the accessibility it offers, our professional discount prices and our customer service have made us Germany’s largest retailer and one of the largest in Europe. Metropolitan France is our second best business area after Germany.

Here’s a tour of our showroom in Berlin, Germany.

Our physical and online shop

What can you find in our shop?
You’ll be able to buy professional spraying machines, as well as accessories for them and, very importantly, mechanical and electrical spare parts for these machines. This is important because we are one of the few companies that sell parts to repair machines for the professional construction sector, and also understand what they are selling!

boutique-airless-discounter Pourquoi acheter plutôt chez Airless Discounter?

Here is a summary of the most important categories:

  • Spray guns: Airless / aircoat / hvlp
  • Nozzles: Airless / aircoat / needle
    • Seals
    • Nozzle supports
  • Filters
    • Machines
    • Spray guns
    • Strainers
    • Tanks
  • Extensions (airless / aircoat) Graco, Wagner & Farbmax
  • Hoses (airless / aircoat / hvlp) Graco, Wagner & alternatives
  • Adapters of all kinds
  • Maintenance products (accessories & machines)
  • Spare parts of all types for repairs
  • Sales (accessories for masking on site, smoothing coatings & any additional discounted products)

And finally, of course, all type of professional airless machines, aircoat, hvlp and road marking machines (Graco & Titan), and even second-hand machines for the fussiest of pockets.

So you can better understand our title as a specialist company 🙂

Our services

This is one of the key factors in our success. What else do we give you besides a machine in your hands?


It starts with uninterrupted contact during the week, Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 16:30. You can reach us between midday and 2pm, by phone, message or email.

Monday to Friday 8:00 to 16:30
Téléphone : +49 30 53 02 75 00       WhatsApp : +49 152 01 76 25 62
Email :       Messenger : Airless Discounter International


Contact form Airless Discounter

A large online library of written information, photos and videos

Our Blog pages contain all our knowledge of written information, photos and videos on the subjects of mechanised spraying since our beginnings. We have one blog per language, and together they form the heart of our information centre, available free of charge to our European customers.

Discover our blog Airless Discounter in English

A large list of free online videos

Our Youtube page will keep you up to date with the latest in spraying, and give you advice on using, repairing and maintaining your equipment. But you’ll also find tests of spray products and machines, to help you make the right choices when buying and using your mechanised equipment.
It’s always easier to get an idea by looking than by reading 😉

Discover our Youtube Channel 

Our mechanised spraying training courses

With the aim of offering you the very best and backed up by our professional experience in the shop and in the field, we have also been offering training courses in German and French since 2018. Upon specific request also in English.
The aim of this training is to give you all the keys you need to get your airless project off the ground or simply to reinforce what you already know. It can also be, as in the video below, a personalised moment in which we can go into more detail on the different aspects of using your particular airless equipment.

Discover our Airless Discounter trainings 

Our IOS & Android application – AirlessTips

Over the last few years, we’ve noticed that some paint manufacturers have tried to make an effort to indicate certain information, such as the correct nozzle size for their product or the pressure at which the product can be processed. But this has never gone much further until now.
So we decided to provide our customers with a free mobile application (as always! 😉) that would not only concentrate all our knowledge in it, but would also create a sort of library in which we could reference as many products as possible used by our customers in their day-to-day work, to help them find out quickly what nozzle size to buy for their product and adjust the pressure just as quickly.

So here’s the AirlessTips application. All the functions and details are shown below. Of course, you can download the app directly from Google Play or the Apple Store!
You’ll find the QR codes below in the article, depending on your phone brand.

Free download on App store and Play Store:

Google PlayApple Store

QR-Android-AirlessTips Pourquoi acheter plutôt chez Airless Discounter?QR-IOS-AirlessTips Pourquoi acheter plutôt chez Airless Discounter?