Not long ago, we took a closer look at the Graco JetRoller in a video. So it was high time we also took a closer look at the Wagner InlineRoller 100 airless roller.

To do so, we take a look at the structure and operation of this internally fed roller here. We also consider the following questions: For which applications is the InlineRoller 100 suitable? What is included in the delivery and what accessories are useful?

We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using the IR 100, before explaining the commissioning and finally the cleaning of the system.


What is the Wagner InlineRoller 100 ?

But before we begin, a few words of explanation about this airless roller. The Wagner InlineRoller 100 or IR 100 is an internally powered airless roller. This system allows the combination of conventional paint application with a roller and spraying with an airless pump. This makes it possible to work economically, as more square meters are achieved.

In addition, the painter is physically relieved, as the work of transporting the material is partly taken over by the airless device.

Example: With the IR 100, it is not necessary to transport the paint on the scaffolding during façade work. The machine is located at the bottom and pumps the required paint to the top of the façade. In addition, there is no overspray, as no paint is sprayed.

Wagner IR 100 Inline Roller - rollen

Use of the Wagner IR 100 Inline Roller

How does the Wagner IR 100 work?

The airless sprayer pumps the paint from the paint can. The hose of the device pumps the paint to the roller. The painter can control the flow of paint at will with the gun. If he needs more paint on the roller, he just has to pull the trigger of the gun and the airless device sends more paint on the roller.

The roller has small holes through which the paint flows from the inside to the outside. The user then only has to distribute the paint evenly over the surface. It is no longer necessary to draw paint from the bucket.

Wagner IR 100 Inline Roller - Farbe durch die Walze

Paint passing through the Wagner IR 100 Inline Roller

For which applications is the Wagner InlineRoller suitable ?

The Wagner IR 100 airless roller is suitable for all projects that do not need to generate a paint mist, but still need to be carried out economically. The use of InlineRoller 100 is particularly suitable for facades, but also for interior and floor coating.

The manufacturer Wagner points out that the joints can swell and lose their watertightness when used with solvent-based paints. Therefore, it is recommended to limit the use to water-soluble paints and varnishes.

Scope of delivery of the Wagner IR 100

The IR 100 comes with a 7.5 m long hose. This hose is particularly flexible and allows the roller to be guided without problems. The hose can be easily connected to the existing airless hose by means of a coupling. The gun, which controls the paint supply, is connected to the hose. Next comes the 50 cm long handle and the roller bracket.

A short-haired roller with 13 mm bristles is included in the delivery. In addition to the operating instructions, a metal bracket is also included. It is used to attach the hose to the scaffolding. This way, the weight of the hose does not pull on the roller and the work is simplified.

Le rouleau airless auto-alimenté Wagner InlineRoller 100

Accessories included in the Wagner IR 100 Inline Roller box

Further accessories for the Wagner InlineRoller

In addition to the short pile roller, a 20 mm long pile roller is also available (not included in the delivery).

It is also interesting to note that the 50 cm handle can be extended with a telescopic extension (60-100 cm).

Wagner IR 100 Inline Roller - Walzen

The two types of bristles of the airless roller Wagner IR 100 Inline

Advantages and disadvantages of the Wagner InlineRoller

The obvious advantage is that there are no paint cans to carry to the job site or to the scaffolding. The airless device simply pumps the paint upwards, towards the user. There is also no need to dip the paint roller into the bucket, there is no paint to pick up. In addition, there is no overspray. The airless roller is therefore also suitable for sensitive work areas such as facades.

One disadvantage is the weight: at 1.3 kg, the InlineRoller is inevitably a little heavier than a conventional paint roller. In addition, there are only two types of rollers to choose from, short and long pile. Standard rollers cannot be used, only the Wagner Inline Roller.

Wagner IR 100 Inline Roller - rollen II

Use of the Wagner IR 100 Inline Roller

How to use the IR100 correctly ?

After connecting the hose and the IR 100 to the airless pump, the color is announced and the pressure is set to a relatively low level. A pressure of 40-50 bar is sufficient, the paint does not have to be sprayed as when spraying airless.

It is sufficient that the paint is pumped through the hose to the front of the roller. As with the classic paint roller, the roller should be moistened with water before working. This way, the paint is better absorbed at the beginning of the work. It is then possible to work and control the paint flow via the trigger of the gun.

Wagner IR 100 Inline Roller - Druck einstellen

Pressure adjustment & Wagner IR 100 Inline Roller

Cleaning the Wagner InlineRoller IR 100

For cleaning, it is possible to unroll the roller on the wall. If this is not possible, the excess paint can be removed with a spatula. Then the roller is washed like any other paint roller.

For the cleaning of the airless system, the paint is pumped out of the airless device, the hose and the roller system. The entire system is rinsed with water.

The paint residues are then removed with a cloth and water. The plastic threads can be protected from time to time with a little Vaseline.

Wagner IR 100 Inline Roller - Reinigung

Cleaning the Wagner IR 100 Inline Roller

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