Graco RAC X blue nozzles are considered standard nozzles from this manufacturer.
Many Graco sprayers are shipped with these nozzles at the time of purchase. The Graco RAC X blue nozzle is available in sizes ranging from 0.015″ to 0.025″ and in a variety of spray angles / beam widths, ranging from 10 to 80 degrees.


As a result, Graco’s blue nozzle is mainly used for spraying dispersion paint and primers. But other applications such as roof coating, adhesive or silicate paint can be sprayed with these Graco RAC X airless nozzles.

What sizes of Graco RAC X nozzles are available?

Graco RAC X nozzles are available in different sizes and spray widths. The spray angle is between 10 and 80 degrees, while the size is between 0.015″ and 0.025″.

Here is a full overview of these nozzles sorted by size:

  • Graco RAC X nozzle with 0,015″ diameter: 115, 215, 315, 415, 515, 615
  • Graco RAC X nozzle with 0,017″ diameter: 217, 317, 417, 517, 617, 817
  • Graco RAC X nozzle with 0,019″ diameter: 219, 319, 419, 519, 619, 819
  • Graco RAC X nozzle with 0,021″ diameter: 221, 321, 421, 521, 621, 721, 821
  • Graco RAC X nozzle with 0,023″ diameter: 323, 423, 523, 623, 723
  • Graco RAC X nozzle with 0,025″ diameter: 225, 325, 425, 525, 625

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To find out a little more about the size of the airless spray jet, here’s a short video explaining the subject:

What materials can be sprayed with Graco RAC X blue nozzles?

Various paints and varnishes can be sprayed with the nozzle sizes mentioned.

Here is a selection of different materials that can be sprayed with Graco RAC X airless nozzles:

  • Primer
  • Interior & exterior dispersion paint
  • Tissue adhesive
  • Silicate paint
  • Roof coating
  • Latex
  • Varnish

Which seals and nozzle holders are compatible with the Graco RAC X nozzle?

The Graco RAC X nozzle is a classic reversible nozzle. If it becomes clogged, the nozzle can simply be rotated 180 degrees and the orifice can be cleaned in the opposite direction using a short spray.

The correct nozzle holder for this will be the Graco RAC X nozzle holder. The Graco RAC X nozzle is not compatible with nozzle holders from other manufacturers.


Between the gun and the nozzle, two seals are inserted into the nozzle holder. A crescent-shaped metal gasket and a plastic gasket. You can choose between two versions: standard seals (black) and orange seals for solvent-based paints and varnishes.

Gaskets from other manufacturers will not work. When changing and cleaning the nozzle, these seals can easily fall out. It is therefore advisable to bring spare gaskets with you.


DDDD Buse Graco RAC X – la buse standard

 Graco RAC X standard seals

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