There is a great variety of paint guns in the paint spraying market. Having the choice is really good but still can be quite confusing sometimes: why would you prefer an aircoat gun over an Airless one and what are HVLP guns actually for? In this article we will be trying to illustrate the main characteristics, the areas of use of the spray guns and the differences between them.

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Airless guns

Designed to atomize paint and coatings efficiently, an airless spray gun can improve the speed of application of the material while reducing the amount consumed. The choice of the airless gun depends primarily on the material to be sprayed and the airless pump with which the gun will be connected. The biggest brands are Graco, Wagner, Titan and FARBMAX, and there are some special models, like the Wagner AG 14, particularly adapted to the high-viscosity materials.

If you had to choose one: the Graco Contractor airless gun

This is the universal model among the Graco paint spray guns. It works with all types of materials such as dyes, acrylics, enamels or latex paints. It is perfectly suited for all kinds of applications such as lacquers or roof coatings.

Gun with E-Z fit extendable trigger

Gun with E-Z fit extendable trigger


And the airless nozzles?

Nozzles for airless guns are available in several sizes and are suitable for FARBMAX, Wagner, Titan and Graco spray guns.

AirCoat guns

Aircoat paint spray guns are specially designed to work with enamels and make high quality finishes. The AirCoat gun applications are different from those of an airless gun: the end result is of higher quality due to lower spray pressure. This feature allows for perfect spraying on wood, metal surfaces (such as paint for cars) and anti-corrosive paints.

Because of this, an aircoat gun is particularly recommended for carpenters, cabinet makers, car and industrial painters. And finally: the paint consumption can be reduced up to 30% with an aircoat gun! The most widely used models are the Graco G40 and the Wagner GM 4600 AC.

If you had to choose one: the Wagner GM 4600 AC aircoat gun

The aircoatWagner GM 4600 AC pistol is particularly appreciated thanks to its ergonomic handle and 250 bar operating pressure.

Aircoat nozzles in several sizes and are suitable for Kremlin, Wagner, Optima and Graco aircoat spray guns.

HVLP spray guns

The High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) abbreviation is used to define a certain type of paint spray gun whose spray force is reduced compared to airless paint spray guns. Indeed, low pressure work avoids a possible rebound effect while transferring more material onto the surface. Thanks to these features, an HVLP gun offers better finishes, considerable paint savings while generating less spray mist. In general, the paint enters a tank just below the gun: the container often has a capacity of one liter for ease of work and does not weigh down the movement of the arm.

HVLP paint spray guns are prized by carpenters and cabinetmakers who can paint their furniture and craftsmanship, but also by many craft enthusiasts and maintenance services for less intensive use than airless or aircoat spray guns.

If you had to choose one: the Graco Edge II Plus spray gun low pressure gun

Graco Edge II Plus spray gun

Graco Edge II Plus spray gun


Spray guns at a glance

Airless guns
Aircoat guns
HVLP guns

  • fast application of material on a larger surface
  • larger choice for all budgets and project sizes

  • superior spray quality and perfect finishes
  • material saving (up to 30% less)

  • no mist effect
  • high-quality finishes with less materials

  • spray mist

  • high initial cost than airless guns

  • only for small surfaces

for painters and decorators working with all sorts of materials



ideal for car and industry paints



for carpenters and cabinet makers



FARBMAX spray tip and holder

Air Cap for Wagner AC 4500, AC 4600 & AC 4700

Air Cap for Wagner AC 4500, AC 4600 & AC 4700

How to Choose Between an Airless, an AirCoat or a HVLP Spray Gun


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