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On a regular basis we receive questions about replacement spray guns for the Graco Airless spraying machine, once the guns are defect or not functionable. It is quite difficult for painters to choose the right spray gun from the bright range of Graco Airless guns. To give you an overview and some clarity, we have made the following video.

We will introduce several Graco guns and explain their use. Furthermore, we will inform you about which gun is delivered with which Graco Airless spraying machine and sort the right filter for every spray gun. In doing so we included the colour application of the Graco Contractor PC, it’s precursor the Graco Contractor, the SG3 and FT gun. For the plaster application we included the HD Blue Texture and Graco HD Inline gun.

Not included are the spray guns for industrial application like the Graco XTR and Silver Plus/Flex guns, like the Inline lance gun.

Here is the overview over individual Graco spray guns from the video.


Graco Contractor PC

The Graco Contractor PC is the current first choice in spray guns for the application of varnish, paint or fibrin glue.

The gun is light, compact, has an easy, simple trigger and fits the hand perfectly. The trigger of the Graco spray gun can be change from two to four fingers.

In addition, must be said, that the caretaking and exchange of the inner life easily done and without any use of tools.

Graco currently delivers these premium guns with the ST Max and UltraMax II models.

Overview over the Graco Contractor PC

  • Delivered with: Graco ST Max models (395, 495, 595) and Graco UltraMax II models (695, 795, 1095)
  • Screw thread to colour nozzle: 7/8”
  • Screw thread to tube. 1/4”
  • Filters: Mesh #60 (alternative) and Mesh #100 (alternative)

Graco-Contractor-PC-Pistole-mit-RAC-X-Düse (1)

Graco Contractor with RAC X nozzle

Meanwhile there are even easier and compacter versions of this gun, they are called Graco Contractor PC compact.

A detailed summary to the gun filters is given in our Blogpost there : Graco Contractor PC Compact – Technical drawing & spare parts order list

Graco Contractor spray gun

The Graco Contractor is the precursor of the Graco Contractor PC and is also suitable for the application of varnish, wall paint and fibrin glue.

The airless spray gun lies easy in your hands, but its heavier than the current PC version.

The trigger is considerably softer and easier to handle. But there still are many fans of this gun, who still use it.

Overview Graco Contractor

  • Delivered with: older Graco ST Max models (395, 495, 595) and Graco UltraMax II models (695, 795 and 1095)
  • Screw thread to colour nozzle: 7/8”
  • Screw thread to tube: 1/4”
  • Filters: Mesh #60 (alternative) and Mesh #100 (alternative)

Graco Contractor Spray Gun

Graco Contractor . screw thread

Graco SG3

The Graco SG3 is an easy spray gun, which is delivered with the GX 21.

The model is solid, but easier than the Contractor guns.

This Airless gun lies good in your hand, is not too heavy and the trigger is easy to use, also after some time.

Overview Graco SG3 spray gun

graco gun sg3

Graco SG3 airless gun

Graco FTx spray gun

The FTx spray gun is delivered with a two finger-trigger together with the Graco GX FF.

Just as the SG3, this is an easier model, which fits the hand nicely and is suitable for varnish processing.

But the processing and the handiness is less strong with this model, then with the other Graco Contracter models.

Overview Graco FTx

Graco gun FTx

Graco FTx spray gun

Graco HD Blue plaster spray gun

The Graco HD Blue plaster gun has a good cost-benefit ratio. The gun can be used long term, to apply spraying fillers and highly viscous materials.

The HD Blue lays good in the hand, is resilient and fulfills the demands on the construction site.

The manufacturer equips the Graco Mark V and Graco Mark VII with this gun.

The gun has a small pivot to connect it to the tube, that’s why the Graco swivel 189018 (pivot) should be placed between the gun and tube.

Overview Graco HD Blue

  • Delivered with: Graco Mark V und Mark VII
  • Screw thread to colour nozzle: 7/8″
  • Screw thread to tube: 1/4″
  • Filters: no filter

Graco Blue Texspray

Graco Blue HD for spraying fillers

Graco HD Inline

The Graco HD Inline spray gun is suited for putty and high viscous materials, as bitumen coatings. The gun has no filter.

The manufacturer delivers the gun with very powerful spraying machines, like the Graco Mark X and the Graco Dutymax GH 300.

Overview Graco HD Inline

  • Delivered with: Graco Mark X und Dutymax GH/EH 300
  • Screw thread to colour nozzle: 7/8″
  • Screw thread to tube: 1/2″
  • Filters: no filter

Graco gun inline

Graco spray gun IN LINE TEXSPRAY

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