First start with an airless sprayer – Everything you need to know

When you receive your airless machine purchased from Airless Discounter, you probably have a few questions in mind that are worth clearing up. That’s what we want to answer in this blog post.

1. Unpacking

The first moment of happiness and excitement! Your superb professional airless machine has just arrived.
The easiest way to do this is to open the top of the box and then cut the corners to gently open the whole box on all 4 sides.
Or the machine may have been shipped without a box, in which case you’ll just have to be careful not to nick the machine by cutting the protective black plastic lining to unpack it.

Once the set is unpacked, please check that all the accessories you ordered are there and that nothing has been lost in transit or broken. You have 7 days after delivery to let us know if an accessory has been lost or broken (if this is the case, please contact us directly by email with photos of your parcel and container received within these 7 days, so that we can file a claim with the carrier concerned).

Special Graco varnish accessory kit - 17Y220

Now that you’ve seen that everything is there, let’s move on to assembly.

2. Fitting accessories

Pompe-airless-Graco-MARK-VII-MAX-PROCONTRACTOR-17E667 Première mise en route - Tout savoir

Once the machine has been received and checked, you will be faced with 2 situations.

  • The machine is already fully assembled by Graco, Wagner or Titan and all you have to do is start it up.


  • The machine is delivered with certain accessories, such as the hose and gun, stored separately, so all you have to do is screw everything together.


In this second case, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Equip yourself with 2 spanners.
  2. Remove the small caps that close the outlets on the machine, the hose and the gun.
  3. Using the 2 spanners, screw and tighten the hose to the machine outlet, then the other end of the hose to the gun (if you have a hose whip, screw it between the hose and the gun).
  4. Now check that all the filters are in place if you are spraying paint:
    1. In the spray gun
    2. In the pump filter housing (on the Graco GX21, for example, the primary filter is above the pressure gauge)
    3. In the suction strainer (or filter disc if you have a hopper)
  5. If you have additional accessories such as an airless extension and a rotary joint, now is the time to screw it onto your gun tip.

Demonstration on a Graco GX21


Now let’s rinse the machine for the first time to remove the maintenance fluid inside.

3. Rinsing the machine

When the machine is still new (or used), Graco, Wagner, Farbmax and Titan leave a liquid inside it to keep it in perfect condition until it is used for the first time. You should follow the steps below to purge the system first.

  1. Read the manufacturer’s instructions for use! 😉
  2. Check that all connections are properly tightened.
  3. Place a bucket of clean water under the suction pipe (or in the hopper).
  4. Move the discharge valve towards the return pipe if it is not already in this position (usually vertical).
  5. Place the return hose in the water bucket (or check that it is correctly positioned towards the hopper).
  6. Connect your machine to the electricity supply (or start its engine).
  7. Turn on the switch.
  8. Gently increase the pressure on the regulator so that the machine sucks up the water and squeezes out the product via the return hose into another container.
  9. (If you have a Graco Mark VII or X, check on the left-hand side of the control unit that the amperage switch is set to 16A).
  10. Leave the machine running for a good 2 minutes.
  11. Reduce the pressure to zero and rotate the discharge valve towards the hose and gun (generally horizontal position).
  12. Take the gun in your hand, point it towards the water bucket and keep your finger on the trigger.
  13. Increase the pressure and rinse again at this level for about 2 minutes.

Now your machine is completely rinsed and can be primed and used.

Demonstration on a Wagner ProSpray 3.21

4. First boot

This is the moment of truth! Now you can finally start working.

All you have to do is repeat the “Rinsing” steps, but this time with your bucket of paint or filler, in order to prime your machine, starting with the return hose (directional valve down) and finishing with the priming to the gun (horizontal valve).

Once the hose and gun are primed, you’ll need to use a cloth to wipe and dry the gun tip (or extension) and you can finish priming by screwing on the nozzle holder and fitting the corresponding nozzle on it.

5. Safety

Before you start spraying airless paint, there are a few important protective points to consider.

Remember that you’ve just bought a machine that works at high pressure. This can pose a health risk to you and others around you if certain rules are not followed.

masque-respiratoire-airless Première mise en route - Tout savoir

You must:

  • Understand how to use an airless sprayer 😉
  • Equip yourself with a professional work mask.
  • Equip yourself with safety goggles.
  • Wear appropriate work clothing.
  • Never point the airless gun at a person.
  • Do not allow pressure to build up in the machine during pauses or prolonged stoppages.
  • Do not allow pressure to build up in the machine and secure the gun trigger when changing the nozzle and nozzle holder.

6. Cleaning

Now you’ve reached the last stage after finishing your day’s work: cleaning.
Don’t panic! It won’t take you several hours as some people on the internet think. It will probably take you between 30 and 40 minutes at the very beginning and then only 7 to 10 minutes when you’re Pro! 😉

Here’s our video and blog post on the subject: 



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