We have received a request from a customer for the commissioning of the FARBMAX Airless M10 Plus pump. This is a relatively high performance diaphragm pump at a very affordable price.

In addition to the classic paint for interior walls and facades, silicate and lime paints can also be sprayed with this professional airless sprayer. Adhesives, roof coating as well as varnishes and stains can be sprayed as well without any problems.

In this article we show you how the M10 Plus membrane pump is put into operation and prepared for work.

Structure and operation of the FARBMAX Airless M10 Plus

Before we start explaining how to start up the machine, we will give you a brief overview of the construction and function of this diaphragm pump.

The main control elements of the FARBMAX M10 Plus pump are :

  • On/off switch
  • Pressure regulator
  • Relief valve

Mise en service FARBMAX Airless M10 Plus

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The inlet valve, the exhaust valve and the diaphragm are responsible for the pressure build-up. These components are mounted in the blue head of the sprayer (see picture above). On the inlet valve there is a valve plunger which can be operated if the inlet valve is blocked.

  • Intake valve with tappet
  • Exhaust valve
  • Diaphragm

In addition, we also address the following in the following description :

  • Suction system with return hose
  • Pressure gauge
  • Product hose
  • Gun with filter
  • Nozzle

Manomètre Farbmax M10 Plus

Starting up FARBMAX Airless M10 Plus

Here are the steps in detail :

  • Check that the hose, gun and suction system are correctly connected
  • Connect the unit to the electrical power supply
  • Suspend the suction in the paint bucket
  • Pressure on zero, discharge valve open
  • Switch on
  • Increase the pressure
  • Wait for product to come out of the return pipe (let the preservative out until the paint arrives)
  • Reduce pressure to zero, switch relief valve to spray
  • Pump the water/preservative out of the paint hose
  • To do this, unscrew the nozzle holder and the nozzle from the gun
  • Hold the gun against the wall of the dirty water bucket by pressing the trigger and slightly increase the pressure
  • Pump the product until the paint arrives
  • Turn the pressure to zero, mount the nozzle holder and the nozzle
  • Set the pressure to the desired number of bars, perform a pressure/spray test if necessary
  • The spraying can finally start

To see this pump in action at one of our customers, click on our article: Interior renovation with the FARBMAX M10 Plus sprayer

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