Although nobody likes cleaning, it’s necessary to keep the Graco Ultra Quickshot top condition. In this blog post we explain how to clean and preserve the gun quickly and easily.

Step 1

Before you start, you need to secure the gun and set the discharge valve to bleed to release the pressure. If you are still wearing the Ultra Quickshot on your belt, you should remove it and pour the remaining product back into the original bucket.

Step 2

The filter can then be removed and cleaned

Step 3

Now fill about half a cup with the cleaning solution (water or solvent). If you have used a water-soluble varnish, you can use water as a cleaner. If the varnish contains solvents, use a solvent-based cleaner.

Step 4

Turn the nozzle to the spray position for cleaning and release the gun safety. Set the gun pressure knob to 10. Hold the gun in the empty bucket or with dirty water for approximately 15 seconds and spray. When doing this, the spray should be held against the edge of the bucket to reduce splashing.

Step 5

The discharge valve is then moved to the spray position and the gun is used again in the bucket of dirty water until all the cleaning fluid has been pumped out.

Step 6

As soon as the product cup is empty, it can be cleaned along with the filter and the cup lid. The cup is then refilled with cleaning fluid (water or solvent) and pumped back into the bucket until the airless is clean.

Step 7

Before storage, a small amount of airless preservative should be poured in and sucked out (pure or diluted). The preservative will remain in the system to protect the valves from sticking, freezing and corrosion until the next use.

Step 8

Then secure the gun again, set the discharge valve to “rinse” and remove the battery.

Step 9

The nozzle and nozzle holder also need cleaning. When everything is clean, the nozzle holder and nozzle are reassembled. The nozzle is then placed at a 90 degree angle, which closes off the system and prevents it from drying out. This is why the cup vent valve is also closed.

If you follow these steps, your Graco Ultra Quickshot will be quickly cleaned and ready for the next use.


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