Graco had announced the introduction of the next development of its standard-bearing spray gun, the Graco Contractor. The new gun is called Graco Contractor PC and some pictures have already been released. Graco is presenting this new gun as the lightest spray gun in its category. An interesting development is the extendable trigger, a user-friendly novelty that allows the user to decide and find out what is more comfortable for him, if to spray with two fingers, with three or four. In addition, the trigger is very easy to action and in this way it allows to comfortably work for hours on end.

New Graco Airless Gun Graco Contractor PC – First Impressions

This new Graco gun is also based on the ProConnect technology principle, that is, the possibility to substitute and/or repair Graco parts and components easily and without have to use tools. Many Graco pumps of the ProContractor series already apply the ProConnect principle effectively.

With these pumps you can quickly change the body of the pump in case of damage.

In the case of a gun like the new Graco Contractor PC, this means that you can quickly and easily change the needle and the seal set in a few simple steps, just with your hands, without using tools, on the job site, provided, of course, that you have the right spare parts with you.

We did a full demonstration of the new gun and wrote an article about our findings, you can watch the spraying demonstration here :

Key features of the Graco Contractor PC gun:

  • lightest spray gun in its class
  • E-Z Fit – extendable trigger (2, 3 oder 4 finger)
  • light trigger (50% lighter)
  • ProConnect – quick substitution of needle and seals
  • highest longevity Graco spray gun model

Lightest gun in its class

Graco presents the Contractor PC as the lightest spray gun of its category.

A clear plus when you are working at larger projects and you have to spend the whole spraying with the gun in your hand.

Graco Contractor PC spray gun

Graco Contractor PC gun

Extendable trigger – E-Z Fit

The trigger of this gun has a new unique feature for Graco because it is the first extendable trigger. In this way the user can decide if he wants to spray with two, three or four fingers. Wagner had been using a slightly different system on its Vector Grip gun for a while.

On the Wagner model the user can change the trigger handle and decide between a two and a four finger trigger.

With the Graco gun you can simply shorten or extend the trigger without having to change it.

Graco Contractor PC spray gun

Gun with E-Z fit extendable trigger

In addition, this trigger is easier to pull and can be actioned with 50% less pression on it.

Quick and easy repair

Graco is proud to present the Graco Contractor as its Graco gun with the highest longevity.

And in case time takes its toll and you will need to change some parts, the unique ProConnect technology principle allows to change basic vital components quickly and without using tools.

The internal mechanism (needle & seals) is made of a single part. Changing it could not possibly be easier, also on the job site.

Graco Contractor PC spray gun cartridge replacement

Graco Contractor PC spray gun cartridge replacement

We are rather excited and cannot wait to test this gun as soon as we can get our hands on it. We’ll make sure we’ll let you about it here on our blog.

More articles and videos about the NEW Graco Contractor spray gun

Since the gun has been introduced, we have tested it and created new videos for replacing the cartridge as well as demonstration videos for you to enjoy, choose from the following:

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Technical drawings and spare parts for the Graco Contractor PC spray gun

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