In this article, we explain step-by-step how to get the Graco Ultra Quickshot. We show you how to remove preservatives or residual material from the system and what you need to be aware of when filling the airless device with varnish or finishing paint.


First of all, safety must be guaranteed. Check that there is no battery in the device, or simply remove it. In addition, the gun trigger must be secure and the nozzle must be positioned crossways.

Now open the cup and check the sieve. It should be free of product residue. If it is not, you will need to clean or replace the screen. Sieves are available in #60 and #100 mesh.

As we want to spray varnish, we choose the finer blue sieve with a #100 mesh. The varnish can now be poured into the cup. Next, the cup is closed, the gun safety device is released and the nozzle is adjusted. The discharge valve follows the same procedure.

Now insert the charged battery; then open the paint tank air cap so that the product is pumped evenly to the nozzle and there is no vacuum.

Igniting the material  

Place the gun in a empty bucket or with dirty water and pull the trigger for about 10 seconds to evacuate the air from the system and fill the airless system with product.

Then move the discharge valve to the spray position. Place the gun back in the bucket and pull the trigger for about 10 seconds to fill the hose and gun with paint.


Place the nozzle in the spray position and adjust the pressure using the small knob on the gun. Start with a lower pressure, for example 4 or 5, and test spraying on a hidden area or a piece of cardboard. If the spray is uneven or shows scratches and misses, increase the pressure until it is uniform.


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